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2023 WIC Week Partner Features

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Construction is the ultimate team sport and it’s a pleasure building alongside the many different types of professionals needed to take a project from conceptualization to completion. For Women in Construction (WIC) Week, we are proud to recognize a few ladies from our architecture, engineering, and developer partnerships that are integral to Dellbrook|JKS’ work.

While none of these women share the same title or role, each of them presents valuable insight into what it means to have a career that works closely in, or with the world of construction. Join us in celebrating their expertise and experience, by reading some of their thoughts in our WIC Week 2023 Partner Feature!

Janis B. Mamayek AIA, LEED AP

Principal, Director of Architecture at ICON Architecture

"The advice I would give to women seeking a similar career to mine is:

Align yourself with positive people - choose JOY [it really is a choice]!

Push yourself outside your comfort zone [it's painful but rewarding].

Be yourself when your voice needs to be heard [keep it real, create your brand].

Don’t think in black and white… so much of our world is in the many shades of a gray zone.

Don’t seek perfection, as getting to go with forward motion is often better than that pending absolute.

Engage others with by storytelling - [connect with clients, coworkers, and colleagues].

CARE! As much as a smile can open many doors; caring reflects commitment, compassion, community...

… and lastly, GO HOME!  physically and mentally… you need it, your family needs it".

Michelle Maheu

Director for Planning, Design & Construction at Wellesley College

“Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow”, is a favorite quote from an important role model of mine.  It shows the importance of taking chances, learning from mistakes, and being hopeful instead of regretful.  I’ve been very fortunate to have several strong and meaningful female mentors throughout my 30-year career.  This support system has been the foundation to my success as I’ve leaned on these women for so much, ranging from the development of leadership skills, pursuit of advancement, and learning to create a balance between work and personal life.  My advice for any young woman pursuing a career in the design or construction industry is to find your support system by leaning on other women who you work with and admire, and then maintain your connection with them.  They will help you become the best version of yourself and reach success!"

Ruth Bennett, AIA, LEED AP

Sr. Director of Capital Programs at Tufts University 

“The advice I would give to women in the field is ask questions and take a class. I found that if I was afraid to ask a question, I would find a webinar, a class, a certificate program etc that focused on my knowledge gap. Then I would feel more confident asking questions. I did not pretend to know it all, because a- no one does and b- when I asked a question, it often opened up a good discussion and many times others did not know all the information either. My strength was my questioning”.

Amy Schectman

President & CEO at 2Life Communities

"Working in the real estate development world is as rewarding as it is challenging. And at the end of the day, you can proudly point to a vibrant, active community where people's lives are enhanced and celebrated.  Months and years later, it will still stand as a monument to the collective effort to get there. The best part is the collaboration with excellent contractors (most especially Dellbrook JKS) and other team members. My advice: choose your partners carefully, then develop a long-term partnership based on mutual respect and trust."

Amy Apfelbaum, P.E.

Principal at McPhail Associates

"I love working in the construction industry!  It’s awesome to see the growing number of women on-site and with a place around the job trailer conference table.  I’ve found that one of womens' superpowers is our ability to listen.  The more we listen and choose to speak last, the more impact we give to our words.  This leads to safer, more inclusive, and more effective solutions.  There are many great construction projects with complicated problems left to solve.  The diversity of ideas with more women at the table is critical to the future success of our industry."

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