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Thank You, Billy Spaulding

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QUINCY — We are incredibly grateful for the relationships we have built with our people, keeping our family values as we continue to grow. “Small company love” flows through our firm because of the genuine connections we have made together. For 40+ years, Billy Spaulding has been a wonderful example of this, bringing unconditional friendship and unwavering support to those around him.  Described by our CEO Mike Fish, Billy is “as loyal as they come” and he has given both Dellbrook|JKS and the Fish family countless hours of unsurpassable commitment. As he ventures into retirement, we will miss Billy’s presence and rely on fond memories to make up for this loss that will certainly be felt. Celebrate Billy’s remarkable years of service with us, as we recall some of our fondest moments with this man like no other.

Billy’s story with us begins when Mike’s father, Ed, was highly advised to hire a driver because simply put he was “terrible” behind the wheel. Ed’s initial solution to being a bad driver was to have two of the same Cadillacs. This way, when Ed crashed one, he could use the new vehicle while the other one was in the shop, and no one would be the wiser. The idea, while humorous, wasn’t very practical. This is when Billy stepped in to assist the Fish family, and he hasn’t stopped since. Starting as a driver, the role Billy played for the Fish family expanded into working with their businesses and helping anywhere else he could.

This included driving Mike home from the hospital when he was born. For as long as Mike can remember, Billy has been there for him. As a child, Mike was drawn to Billy’s larger-than-life personality. It was a good day in the Fish household when Billy visited. This same sentiment is shared by the individuals at Dellbrook|JKS who have had the pleasure of getting to know him.

Walking into the office on a Monday was always better when Billy was there. He began his workdays early, and by the time everyone else was starting their day, he was halfway through his. Coworkers wandering past Billy’s office in the morning could expect to hear the bellowing voice of a man with a thick Boston accent. They would have the opportunity to hear anything from songs to sarcasm to growing frustrations while he was on the phone with IT support. While we loved hearing Billy’s partially accurate renditions of classic rock music, there was nothing better than overhearing his battles on the phone littered with tasteful expletives. To quote Mike once more, hearing that “just brings a smile to your face, I know it brings a smile to mine.”

Bittersweet to a tee, the Dellbrook|JKS team is sad and excited for Billy to begin retirement. Selfishly, we would keep him here to brighten our days with his unmatched charisma and energy if we could. It is with immense gratitude that we congratulate Billy Spaulding on his new beginning and thank him for being an amazing member of the Dellbrook|JKS family.

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